welcome to my portfolio


My name is Leda Daroczi and I am the founder of Authentic Attribute multidisciplinary design studio. As an interior & branding designer my passion is to create environments that promote well-being, encourage self-development and aid sustainability. 

I wholeheartedly support small-businesses and I desire to help them the best way that I can - through design. Whereas I happily carry out residential interior design projects, I predominantly provide commercial interior design services for independent businesses. Alongside interior design, I practice branding, set-design and service design.


Branding helps to visually portray the identity of a business, and set-design is tailored for mobile or temporary premises such as food trucks or window displays. Service design digs deep into the services offered by a company to find areas of improvement to increase profits, improve customer satisfaction and develop a work-life balance.

I love challenging myself by trying out new things. I find joy in broadening my skills and experiences in both professional and personal life. Which is why you'll find a mixture of creative and experimental projects on my website. If my work sparks your interest, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me via email or social sites.