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As part of my interior design services, I’ve taken part in my first ever residential project. The brief was centred on creating a harmonious family space in an open-plan kitchen, diner and living area. The main focus was to create space for entertaining, but also provide a secluded, private environment tailored to the family’s needs.

Natural tones, organic materials, quality finishes and hand-crafted lighting define the space. Underfloor heating lies beneath the limestone flooring, whilst bright and gentle paint is applied to the walls to compliment the dark midnight blue kitchen cabinets. Teal and mustard yellow seating provide a space to relax and for children to play.

It was important to provide a TV screen for entertainment purposes when guests come by to watch the sports, however in general the room was designed to avoid being centred on the TV. The family wanted a more inclusive, social environment that encourages conversations instead of simply staring at a screen. The dining table and sofas are close to the windows to provide natural light for working and reading. Large bi-fold doors open up the room to the garden whilst linen voile curtains provide some privacy during night-time. Beautifully handcrafted pendant lights hang above the kitchen counter truly adding a statement piece as well as a divide the two areas of the room.

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