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Creative Consultancy Logo Extended.jpg

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The series of images aim to portray the pain and glory behind a personal transformation process.


Previous perceptions, inferiority and in-balance are hard to address within ourselves. The use of rope in contrast with the free-flowing silk scarf represents the desire to break free. The high-gloss wax on the skin portrays rebirth. The pastel tones add a touch of femininity and sensitivity signifying the delicacy of the concept.


I directed as well as modelled for this shoot. 


The project was a collaboration with Elisabeth Ingvar (photographer), Rebecca Claire (hair stylist), Heidi Owen (make up artist) and Before 7 AM (womenswear).

All team members are part of Mastered online community. Mastered is a growing network of creatives and a platform that offers online training for professionals within the creative industry.

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