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Gergo is a self-starter musician predominantly writing and playing songs of the punk-rock genre. His first album came out in January 2021 and since then he has written multiple songs all published on major platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, and YouTube.

Ever since his first album came out, Gergo tasked me with the production of every album art. Each album cover relates to the theme and mood of the song. Each concept was created by him, however, he needed help with the execution of the idea. I photographed and edited any material that was required to bring his ideas to life.

My favourite design so far is of the album art “Around the World”. This album represents a lust for travel and exploration. It was shot in the middle of the mountains in South Wales during a cloudy sunset. I used my skills of editing to enhance the photograph and bring life, colour and warmth to the photo resembling a California sunset.

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