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Attic Wardrobe offers quality clothes alteration on fashion wear and soft furnishings. The shop is run independently by a lady who is talented and experienced in sewing and who offers an exceptional customer service. She took over the company without previous practise in business or marketing.

The director decided that she wanted to uplift her business and improve the quality of her day-to-day life by finding more pleasure and profit in her work.


I offered my help of branding and graphic design to improve the atmosphere of the shop and to redesign the logo. I carried out customer profiling, market research, idea generation and CAD drafting. I helped with refurbishing the new shop and we made creative installations for the showroom.

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I believe that the biggest accelerator to a company's success is about uplifting the energy, the mindsets and the practices.


I exploited the psychological aspects of my martial arts training to offer my insight upon the client's mindsets and practices. I helped to guide her release outdated beliefs and led her to discover herself in more depth by offering questions about herself. I took control of urgent situations when her energy was low especially in the midst of moving premises for her shop.

Upon completion, the owner found herself more at peace in her new shop and she attracted the interest of both existing and new customers.


The finishing touches of the project included interior decoration, website development, and marketing. Alongside the current operations, the owner decided she would like to explore the possibility of expanding her services in the future.

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