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In 2015, I wrote a dissertation comparing two luxury furniture companies. I visited both companies and carried out extensive research. Ambra Vismara, the marketing manager of Vismara Design - a luxury Italian brand designing and selling furniture for the entertainment - answered my questions as well as invited me to take part in a tour of their showroom and their workshop near Milan, Italy. Ravinda Sandhu, the owner of Hamesha Furniture (now called Ember Home) - an ethical furniture store selling handcrafted and ancient furniture - answered the same questions. Comparing the two companies' answers, I show the similarities and differences of two successful luxury furniture brands. 

The dissertation is an enlightening research peeling layers of the ethics, the passion and the operations behind two individual luxury furniture companies. I am thankful for the help I received to complete this study.

To read the study, kindly click on the PDF link.

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