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YMCA Swansea is a registered charity supporting young people and the community. The organisation offers various recreational spaces including a fitness centre, a dojo, a theatre, an office space and a music recording studio.

The charity's recording studio was due a refurbishment.


Wheelchair access along with updates on soundproofing were essential. Improvements were overdue and I was asked to take part in the re-building of the studio.

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The sound engineer had very specific design ideas about utilising the space. He was determined about achieving a simplistic environment with clean surfaces. Bringing in the blue colour of the YMCA logo was a design element to keep in mind. 


With the collaboration of the sound engineer, the building team and myself, a final concept of the new interiors was born.

The main alterations consisted of adding a control room window, dismantling a large storage space and replacing it with a bespoke cupboard with a seating area. The control room had to be soundproofed and new doors were in need for wheelchair access.


Producing the drawing for the builders was my first freelance construction project and a very rewarding experience teaching me about communication and the importance of keeping deadlines.

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