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Creative Consultancy Logo Extended.jpg
Creative Consultancy Logo Extended.jpg
PEMB 1.jpg

As part of my branding services, I designed a logo for an independent accountancy business. The accountancy is run by an independent lady who wanted to portray a strong yet feminine picture as her company logo. The design was inspired by the iconic building of Lyme Park where Pride & Prejudice was filmed. Pemberley Accounting stands for female rights, portrays stability, security and independence in the eyes of their customers. This quality is reflected in the logo through the structure and stability of the building, and shows a feminine charm through the colour choice and detailing. Branding is about visually representing the core values and services of an organisation. The logo was strongly driven by the client’s vision and resulted in the following feedback.

“Authentic Attribute has just designed my new company logo. I am very pleased with such a professional service at a reasonable price.”

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