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Adel Marosi


Attic Wardrobe

During my work with Leda, I discovered a lot about myself. Our work together has given me awareness that we should look for answers within ourselves instead of looking for distractions and excuses. Leda uses her intuition to find solutions and to see the fire in people. With her persistent and strong questions she opens up a person to find their own solutions to a situation. When she does not feel the harmony with someone, she stops to recharge and gives the client time to reflect. Her works is confident, accurate and giving. She is ready for challenges and she fights well to lead you to a solution.

Chris Ebbert.jpg

Chris Ebbert

Innovation Adviser

Mid Sweden University


Most notably, she is a good collaborator with critical thinking ability who knows well how to analyse business models. She is comfortable with everything including persona creation, scenario design, user centered design, and ergonomics, as well as possessing a good grasp of core graphic design concepts and skills such as visual identity, advertising, aesthetics, imagery, print and layout, typography, and animation.

I believe Léda can be an asset for any team where her abilities are needed, given also that she fully met the challenge of living and working abroad. This additional factor would give her an advantage where working within an international realm is required, as she communicates perfectly well in English, and has proven her ability to cooperate with professionals across cultural boundaries.

To read full review, kindly click on the PDF link.


Arisa Akkerman


Linden Staub Agency


Having Leda at the photo shoot was really helpful. When having a team with many people it's easy to get a little hectic. Leda was making sure the pictures turned out perfect! She also was really fun to be around and always made sure I was taken care of!

Sagar Circle.jpg

Sagar Ahuja

Fashion Photographer

Sagar Ahuja Photography


Leda is probably one of the most amazing art directors I have worked with so far, considering the fact that she is extremely understanding to everyone's opinions, creative mindsets and attitudes on the job. The last time we shot together, her inputs were extremely helpful throughout the shoot. She was careful about the way the feedback and opinions had been given to the entire team, so that the confidence of the entire team stays intact and everyone's able to perform in the best possible way. I personally also felt that we shared the same aesthetic and were on the same page during the entire duration of the project.

There was also a time when I thought things were not going right, when her inputs about me managing the situation came into help. She is extremely calm and understanding on sets, makes sure everyone's focused on the same page and that the final output comes out amazing as well, which makes her a great art director and an amazing person to work with.

Eliane - .jpg

Eliane Magnongui


Aclea Atelier


I was very happy to work with Leda. From our first interview I saw her professionalism. She managed things correctly which removed all the stress that I had been dragging around for months. She knew how to manage the team: the designers, the make-up artist, the photographer, the model and the nail technician. A real pleasure to work with Leda who in addition to all her professionalism is an honest person with a field of vision margin.

A beautiful adventure. Thank you.

Gergo icon.jpg

Gergo Daroczi

Music Engineer


Leda undertook a design project at YMCA Swansea in late 2018 which focused on extending a Music Recording Studio. Her role involved creating floor plans and 3D scale drawings of the new space. She was punctual and a pleasure to work with. Leda met stringent deadlines for completion of the designs, producing professional blueprints and 3D models. The designs created were down to the smallest of details which illustrated the bespoke Recording Studio YMCA Swansea wanted to create. YMCA Swansea are grateful to have given this opportunity to a young inspiring entrepreneur and are proud to have worked with her. We recommend Leda to other businesses and are hoping to work with her in the near future.

Adam Rowe.jpg

Adam J Rowe

Design Technician

Longpré Furniture

Through collaborating on projects, sharing a studio space and witnessing her exhibited work; I have found Léda to have a unique perspective when it comes to design. Léda’s ideas can be seen as quite avant-garde, have an organic feel and draw from a range of cultural influences, which personally I find refreshing.

I felt comfortable sharing a space with Léda as she is always approachable and it was great to experience her whimsical yet focused outlook. By involving a number of practices, including critical thinking, various research strategies and prototyping, Léda has proven she can successfully manage a project and drive it from initial concept to a finished product - If the opportunity arose, it’d be a pleasure to work with Léda again in the future.

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